Thursday, September 30, 2010

Buying then regretted

I'm a big spender.  I don't have much money, but when I do I spend it. I tend to buy expensive items that I use for a bit then they sit round and don't get used. I then really regret buying them. Most of the time the resell value isn't worth it and I hold on to the items. Heres a list of my regrets:
  • Rockband set. I got this in the early days of rockband and it costed a shit load. Plastic thats all it is. It doesn't even take any skill. Highly wish I hadn't got it.
  • My Xbox 360. I got this years ago also. Havn't turn it on for about 1.5years. It is one of the first models so is worth nothing
  • PS3. I would of been better buying a bluray player. The only games I've really played on PS3 are Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. Everything else just doesn't interest me. 
  • Computers. Why do I keep buying computer? I have a a contact that can make them for me but I keep buying them off the net :/
  • PSP. My most recent shitty buy. What do I use it for? Images. Thats right. Images. Not even games.
Might do a list later of stuff I'm happy I brought.

In the mean time. I ask you readers. What have you brought and regretted?


  1. not much. i take a long time to think it over if i spend over $50

  2. I agree, esp with number 3

  3. My regrets usually have to do with the bar or eating. I'll spend forty dollars a night sometimes when I got out.

  4. oh im the same way. i got on this kick of wanting to play gta4 for 360, and had the game (i used to share an xbox with my brother before i moved), so what did I do? i went out and bought one. used it maybe half a dozen times in 6 months. what a waste....

  5. i have plenty of regrets too bro

  6. Nice update, waiting for more! :]

  7. yeah i dont use my 360 much anymore

  8. Dude just give 'em to me I'll use 'em, problem solved.