Monday, October 18, 2010

Net down!

Sorry for the lack of updates - my internet broke yesterday sadly. Was on the phone for about 4 hours to customer service. Oh the joys :/ The good news now is the internet is fixed! Going without it for a day felt so weird. It was kinda nice though - the flatmates were about to socialize and we had a good time. Not often does the net cut but when it does its so so annoying.
What do you do when your internet brakes on you? How long can you handle with no net?


  1. I've been known to go years. However, right now I think maybe 3 days would be my max away from internet time before headexplode.

  2. So mcuh hate for dead interbutts. My usual activities when the nets are dead are to either catch up on the DVR or play a game of some sort.

  3. for the first hr I get really upset but then I just distract myself with a movie or video games but I can only handle it for like a day