Thursday, October 7, 2010

Phasing out of CDs

I've noticed alot less CDs for sale recently. People seem to be embracing the digital or going vinyl. Which is much cooler then CDs. CDs are frustrating - I try and care for them but they end up getting scratched/lost/stolen. I'm rather happy now all my music is on my ipod - could quite happily never use a CD again
Do you still use CDs?


  1. I know a few people around the age of 16 who have never had to use a CD in their life.

    For kids now it's all mp3, thats about it.

    I've been collecting vinyl for about 4 years and vinyl is only better (sound-wise) when you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on your hifi.

    And then comes cleaning them, not just brushing off dust but buying multi-thousand dollar machines to wet clean the records.

    It all gets ridiculous. My vinyl collection is more for the sake of a collection, though I regularly play them.

    MP3/FLAC and other digital formats are just easier... that's what it boils down to.

  2. I only use cds for games, but steam is basically handling this for me now. Feels good man.

  3. aside from backing up my music they're dead to me

  4. I still buy vinyls. Nothing wrong with CD's per say. Expect digital downloads by 2025, maybe sooner.

  5. Oh god, Im glad i traded the days of taking my 2 bulky cd cases on every plane trip with me for the mp3 player in my pocket XD